Marketing and communication

(i) trends market research to define markets, monetization and new opportunities, (ii) client captation through digital platforms (B2C) using inbound marketing and growth hacking strategies, (iii) definition and brand management becoming an artisan leader on the canary islands market, (iv) PR functions contacting the press to launch news on official channels (Cabildo de Tenerife, Artesanía Tenerife, etc).


Digital project management

(i) definition and planning of digital strategies: KPIs, project planning, needs assessment, budget, (ii) integration of client business on social networks and management of accounts, (iii) content management on digital media (blogs, landing pages, social networks), (iv) launch SEM campaigns (Google Adwords, Mailchimp, Facebook Business Manager, Instagram) average of 9% in CTR, (v) launch SEO strategies (inclusion of more than 100 keywords).



(i) creation of reporting metrics to analyse and measure the performance of the digital strategy (Google Analytics and SEM Rush), (ii) click tag integration with Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console, (iii) Big Data classification and management of files using databases (MySQL and Excel).


Design and programming

(i) design, creation and programme of website on Woocommerce applying knowledge on UX and coding (html, css, php), (ii) content curation on different media platforms, (iii) design media content (photography, banners and video) on Adobe Suite.